Long-term partnerships
with suppliers
Our relationships with our suppliers are built on a long-term basis. Comptoir des Cotonniers considers them as partners who share the same high standards of quality. We are careful in our selection, and prefer to have fewer of them in order to establish more lasting and transparent relationships.

From our choice of fabrics to our finishes, including weaving, dyeing and assembly of the garment, Comptoir des Cotonniers has selected the best textile factories in Europe, Turkey, China and other Asian countries.

No compromise
on working conditions
Our partners’ factories must have demonstrated their commitment to respecting human rights and their ability to develop responsible materials. All of our manufacturing sites are regularly assessed by independent organisations. We ensure that they respect human rights, as well as the core labour standards of the ILO (International Labour Organisation) and our Code of Conduct for our production partners. Through the Fast Retailing Group, Comptoir des Cotonniers also collaborates with Fair Labor Association, an initiative aimed at improving working conditions among suppliers.

Comptoir des Cotonniers ensures the traceability of each of its products. Each of our online product sheet tells you the country of manufacture, and we also share a list of our suppliers.
Reduction of chemical substances
We seek to look after your interests as much as the environment: that is why Comptoir des Cotonniers strives to reduce chemical pollution linked to clothing manufacturing, especially during the fabric treatment phases. A large majority of our dyeing and finishing plants are OEKO-TEX® certified in order to limit the chemical substances used on our products.

Comptoir des Cotonniers goes further by limiting chemical substances on production sites and monitoring water pollution on sites through our commitment to the ZHDC initiative. To date, all of our production sites participate, as well as 60% of our fabric factories, and we are progressively ramping up efforts each year. By publishing data on the chemical emissions of its suppliers, and by integrating the best available technologies for detecting and analysing chemical products, the Fast Retailing Group has also established itself as a leading force in the Detox Challenge.